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Mold Prevention & Mold Removal Services Near Bozeman, MT

Finally getting your dream home built? Great! But whether a home's new or old, you'll need to watch out for mold. We're not just in this business to get rid of mold. We can help you prevent it, too. Call Job Site Solutions when your home's under construction, and we'll check the contractors' work by inspecting your space and making recommendations for preventing future mold growth.

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What you can do at home

We provide mold prevention services for homes both new and old. However, there are some steps you can take yourself to prevent mold growth in your home. These include:

  • Controlling moisture
  • Monitoring problem areas (frequently flooded basements, zones of window condensation, etc.)
  • Drying wet areas immediately
  • Ventilating your home properly
  • Cleaning and repairing roof gutters

These are just a few basic tips. Give us a call to learn more ways to prevent mold growth in your Bozeman, MT home.

Mold Inspection in Bozeman, MT